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Religion News Service recently published a story about Pres House as well as Pres House Apartments on February 19, 2020.  The article on Pres House can be found here.  The article on Pres House Apartments can be found here.

Executive Director/Co-Pastor, Mark Elsdon, gave an Ignite presentation about Pres House at the national Presbyterian NEXT Church conference in Baltimore on February 26. The 8-minute video can be found here.

Presbyterian News Service reports on an exciting new initiative for Young Professionals that Pres House is helping launch:“New Madison, Wisc., young adult ministry to debut in 2018.”

Faith and Leadership published a comprehensive article about recent Pres House history and activity in October 2017: “Student apartments bring new life to innovative campus ministry.”

The Lilly Endowment featured Pres House and the PH Apartments in their 2014 Annual Report article: Faith in the Field.

Read about a new Badger Faith and Service Corp Internship Program at Pres House in the Wisconsin State Journal and in the national Presbyterian News Service.

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