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Small groups have ended for the semester. There are three weekly gatherings at Pres House during the summer: Church Unbound (Wednesdays, 6:30-7:30pm), Grad Student Coffee (Thursdays, 9-10am), Taekwondo (Thursdays, 5-6:30pm).

Small Group Gatherings

Friendship is key to thriving in college. So, one of our goals at Pres House is for everyone in our community to have meaningful relationships with at least three other people (that’s not an arbitrary number; there’s science behind it). There are a lot of ways to make friends, but we think small group gatherings are one of the best.

Gathering regularly with others makes the huge UW-Madison campus feel smaller and gives room for authentic and long-lasting connections to form. Our small groups are designed to facilitate the kinds of relationships that last. We check in with each other, learn new things, make memories, and — most of all — have fun!

Find Yourself Among Friends

Led by Kevin & Will

We study the Bible to examine how we are called to love ourselves, others, and the world, and how we can do that a little bit better than before. Meets upstairs in Allison Lounge/Pres House Dojo.

Led by Manato & Allyson

A space where LGBTQ+ folks can join in community in a faith space. We’ll share meals, explore the city, and get to know each other through conversations, book groups, and more! Meets in Pridham Lounge on the main level.

Led by Nii Addo & Erica

Bring your own lunch or grab some leftovers from Sunday dinner and join the pastors and other students from Pres House for a conversation about … well, anything! No topic is off limits; the point is to be together. Meets in Pridham Lounge on the main level.

Led by Kyle & Lauren

Music is a way many Christians live out their faith through their bodies and in community. While the music team gives us time to practice, this gathering is a time to center ourselves around music and our shared faith. We hope to build community and connection through the context of music. We will read the Scripture passage for worship that week and think about how it might relate to how we make music. This small group is for everyone, especially those who have been, are, or want to be on music team, along with anyone who enjoys learning about how music interacts with our faith. Meets in Pridham Lounge on the main level.

Led by Natalie

Whether you’re a singer, musician, or AV technician, there’s a place for you on the music team for Sunday worship! During rehearsal, we practice for the following Sunday’s selection of music. Our team has featured guitar, bass, organ, cello, violin, saxophone, flute, and more, and we play a wide variety of music: contemporary, classical hymns, Taize, gospel, etc. All UW-Madison students are welcome to join, and there are no religious requirements or expectations for music team members. Fill out this form to get connected.

Led by Laura

We’re bringing a new worship opportunity to the middle of the week! Join us on Wednesdays for a drop-in time to eat together in Pridham Lounge starting at 5 pm (dinner is bring-your-own, but Pres House will provide snacks each week) followed by a mini-worship service from 6:00-6:45 pm in the Chapel. Come engage in meaningful conversations, fuel your body and your soul, and enjoy a midweek rest and reset among friendly faces at Pres House!

Led by Nii Addo

A gathering specifically for first-year students. We eat, laugh, play, and explore the deep questions of life together in community. Christianity is not a requirement; FC is for anyone who wants to find supportive and consistent friendships in college! Meets in Pridham Lounge on the main level.

Led by Kelden

A time for graduate students to connect over fresh coffee and tea. Meets in Pridham Lounge on the main level.

College students are among the most sleep-deprived population. Most of us need 7-9 hours a sleep each night, but this isn’t always possible with college life. Napping can be a great mid-day boost, whether it is an hour or two deep break, or a 20 minute snooze! Take a break in the dojo–blankets, pillows, eye masks, ear plugs provided. Rest is holy! Takes place on the second floor in the Pres House Dojo.

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 5:00 – 6:30 pm; Sundays 10:00 -11:30 am

Pastor Erica is one of the instructors with the Madison Choi Taekwondo Club, a student organization on campus. Classes are generally held in the Student Activity Center, one of the Unions, and occasionally in the Pres House Dojo on the second floor. The schedule can be found here. This semester, class will be at Pres House on the following Tuesdays, 5:00 – 6:30 pm:

February 13, 15, 20, 27
March 19
April 16, 23

Curious to hear what students’ experiences are? Check out this video of students Kevin and Sam.

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