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Small Group Gatherings

One of our goals at Pres House is for everyone in our community to have meaningful relationships with at least three other people. That’s not an arbitrary number; there’s science behind it! Friendship is key to thriving in college. There are a lot of ways to make friends, but we think small group gatherings are one of the best.

Gathering regularly with others makes the huge UW-Madison campus feel smaller and gives room for authentic and long-lasting connections to form. We believe in the power of small group gatherings so much that we offer at least one every weekday!

See the full list of this semester’s gatherings below. Click or tap the tabs for more details on a specific gathering.

Weekly Gatherings: Starting September 11

Led by Kevin & Will

We study the Bible to examine how we are called to love ourselves, others, and the world, and how we can do that a little bit better than before.

Led by Manato & Allyson

A space where LGBTQ+ folks can join in community in a faith space. We’ll share meals, explore the city, and get to know each other through conversations, book groups, and more!

Led by Nii Addo & Erica

Bring your own lunch or grab some leftovers from Sunday dinner and join the pastors and other students from Pres House for a conversation about … well, anything! No topic is off limits; the point is to be together.

Led by Laura & Nathan

We gather in order to uncover what makes Presbyterians unique, and how the Bible and Christian history has led our faith to where it is today. Join us on Tuesdays to understand why Presbyterians believe the things they do and how those beliefs shape our individual roles in faith and community.

Led by Natalie

Whether you’re a singer, musician, or AV technician, there’s a place for you on the music team for Sunday worship! During rehearsal, we practice for the following Sunday’s selection of music. Our team has featured guitar, bass, organ, cello, violin, saxophone, flute, and more, and we play a wide variety of music: contemporary, classical hymns, Taize, gospel, etc. All UW-Madison students are welcome to join, and there are no religious requirements or expectations for music team members. 

Led by Anna

Eat. Play. Rest. Reconnect. The perfect recipe for Midweek Morsels! We enjoy a different homemade treat every week while we talk about life, do homework, or play games. You can even help us cook/bake an awesome treat one week! It’s a perfect time to try one of those TikTok or Instagram feed recipes you come across and think, “Wow, this looks really yummy!”

Feel free to stay for the full two hours, but if you can’t, no worries; come when you can and leave when you need to!

Led by Mei

Find community with other BIPOC students at UW-Madison as we discuss the relationship between faith and race/ethnicity in a space created for and led by people of color.

Led by Nii Addo

A gathering specifically for first-year students. We eat, laugh, play, and explore the deep questions of life together in community. Christianity is not a requirement; FC is for anyone who wants to find supportive and consistent friendships in college!

Led by Kelden

A time for graduate students to connect over fresh coffee and tea.

Led by Erica & Evan

Each week we will play with different, gentle movements and meditation to practice listening to our bodies’ wisdom and embodying the spiritual commitments important to us.

Led by Lauren & Kelden

A time to get active, breathe free air, and soak up the sun with friends! We will have fun doing various outdoor activities around campus and beyond.

Semi-Regular Gatherings

Hosted by Madison Choi Tae Kwon Do
No experience necessary; just wear comfortable clothes and be ready to move!

 Tuesdays, 5-6:30 PM                       Thursdays, 5-6:30 PM
September 19, 26                                August 31
October 3, 17, 24                                    October 12
November 14, 21                                November 2, 30
December 19                                      December 14

In partnership with the Center for Religion and Global Citizenry
Spots are limited; please email to register.

September 13 (Wednesday), 5-6 pm
October 11 (Wednesday), 5-6 pm
November 16 (Thursday), 5-6 pm
December 6 (Wednesday), 5-6:30 pm ~ free dinner after class

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