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Sunday Worship Resumes August 25

In Madison this summer? Join us for our midweek gathering at Church Unbound!

Sunday worship at Pres House is a place where you can bring ALL of who you are. You don’t need to be a Presbyterian — or even a Christian — to find yourself among friends here. We’re also an open and affirming community, which means LGBTQ+ folks are welcome as full participants in worship and community life.

No two worship gatherings at Pres House are the same. We like to be creative, try new things, and be responsive to what’s happening in the world around us. However, here are some things you can expect nearly every Sunday (click/tap to expand):

Music is a powerful way we can connect with God and each other. We strive to include a wide variety of music in worship, including contemporary music, hymns, Taize, Gospel, and global worship songs. Our music team is made up of students from the Pres House community & led by Natalie Handley, our music director.

For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them.  Matthew 18:20

Two+ is a great way to get to know who you’re sitting with! We pose a question to everyone — sometimes funny, sometimes serious — and then we get in groups of two or more to discuss. We also arrange the chairs in pods of four so that it’s easy to find a Two+ group!

Pres House is full of preachers! Our pastors aren’t the only ones who might enter the pulpit on a Sunday. You’ll hear sermons and stories from students too. You also might find that the sermon ends with an embodied activity, or that instead of a sermon, we’re doing something creative together. No matter what, we make space in every worship gathering for reflection on faith and life.


We share communion — also known as “The Lord’s Supper” or “Eucharist” — every Sunday. It is a “meal” modeled after the last meal Jesus ate with his disciples. Christians have been sharing communion during their gatherings since the very beginnings of the church, and the meal — bread and wine — is rich with meaning.

We practice open communion, which means anyone is allowed to partake if they so choose. We also use grape juice instead of wine.

If you’ve never taken communion before, don’t worry; we explain everything during the service!

Every part of worship is great, but this is probably our favorite. Local churches bring home-cooked meals for us to share together downstairs in Lower Hall. Through this regular rhythm of breaking bread with friends, we experience the tangible grace of Jesus, who invites all people to his table. And as an added bonus, we keep all the leftovers in the kitchen upstairs for folks to eat throughout the week! Once you start rummaging around in the kitchen, you know you’ve really found a home.

Join the Pres House Music Team

Whether you’re a singer, musician, or AV technician, there’s a place for you on the music team!
Our team has featured guitar, bass, organ, cello, violin, saxophone, flute, and more, and we play a wide variety of music: contemporary, classical hymns, Taize, gospel, etc. All UW-Madison students are welcome to join, and there are no religious requirements or expectations for music team members.

Help Set the Table

Dinner doesn’t happen without help! Churches bring the food, but we still need to set the table. We invite everyone to take a turn setting or cleaning up. It’s a fun way to immerse yourself in the community and help keep our “house” in order. You also get a free Pres House t-shirt when you volunteer for the first time! Sign up for a Sunday to lend a hand.

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