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Pres House wishes to acknowledge its buildings sit on the traditional, ancestral homelands of the Ho-Chunk people and honor the long heritage and living legacy of Native Americans here in the Madison (Four Lakes) area. 

Our Mission: Pres House seeks to be a spiritual home at the heart of the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. In keeping with the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Christian tradition of hospitality, Pres House is dedicated to providing a religious center and purposeful housing to support the spiritual, emotional, and intellectual growth of residents and members of the UW-Madison campus community. Pres House is a ministry of the Presbyterian Church, U.S.A. and welcomes individuals of every perspective and background.

Our Vision: Pres House is a dynamic and vibrant group of students and young adults in the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus and downtown community who are building a space to explore what Jesus Christ has to do with life. Our name suggests where we’re coming from and where we’re going. Founded in the traditions of the Presbyterian Church (USA), we aim to build not simply a “campus church” or “campus ministry”, but a home – a place that is shaped by the people who dwell here, a space for people to come and explore. There is no single entry to our home – you can come in through a variety of doors. The atmosphere we hope to create could be characterized in the following ways:

  • We want people to feel at home when they enter, no matter who they are or where they are coming from
  • We are in a continual state of remodeling
  • We leave spaces for uncertainty
  • We share a meal together (our weekly worship gathering)
  • Our home has a sturdy foundation
  • We want our “spiritual building” to witness to Jesus Christ
We are always building – come lend a hand!
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