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Reflections from BWAP San Antonio

In January 2019 thirteen folks from Pres House traveled to San Antonio, Texas for a week-long Break With A Purpose. They met migrants seeking asylum and learned about immigration at the southern border. Seven participants shared reflections in worship on Sunday 1/27 and on this blog. You can read all their reflections via the links below or listen to them on our Listen to Sunday Sermon page under BWAP Team 2019. For more information about how to help or get involved in Madison click here

The Victims of Migration by Clare Aeschbacher
Who are the people who make the journey across the border? We met hundreds of them and this is what we learned.

The Journey by Steven Martell
What do migrants face on the journey to the United States? Overwhelming odds.

La Casa by Emily Johnson
What can be done to provide refuge for migrants when they arrive? One church has a small but powerful answer: La Casa.

Authority by Erik Franze
What happens when we are asked to do something that we have no idea how to do? When we have to respond to a need that shows up on our doorstep?

A World of Difference by Becca Bedell
Would it matter if people didn’t help? Would migrants survive? Yes they would. But a little love and care makes a world of difference.

See Something. Do Something. by Samuel Acuna
How do we respond when we see needs around us? Do we notice? Do we do anything about it? We all have gifts and resources to make a difference.

Wise People Build Bridges, Fools Build Walls by Selina
Why are we talking building a wall? Walls only divide and hurt. What we need are more bridges. Selina provides new insight as a visiting international scholar.

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