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Listening to Sunday Sermons

Listen to Sunday Sermons by clicking the links below. You can also subscribe to the Pres House sermon podcast on iTunes. If you have trouble with the links below try downloading the file to your computer/device before playing it.

For Sunday Sermons from past semesters visit the Sermon Archive page. During the summer months (mid-May through mid-August), we do not record sermons; instead, join us for Church Unbound mid-week for worship outside the walls.

Fall 2019

More Questions Than Answers ~ 09.01.19
Matthew 6:25-34 (Rev. Mark Elsdon)
What is your name?” ~ 09.08.19
Mark 5:1-20 (Rev. Erica Liu)
A Personal Story by Jacob Dahl
What are you looking for?” ~ 09.15.19
John 1:35-43 (Rev. Mark Elsdon)
A Personal Story by Shaniya Auxier
Can you see anything?” ~ 09.22.19
Mark 8:22-26 (Rev. Erica Liu)
A Personal Story by Ebenezer Ojo
What do you want me to do for you?” ~ 09.29.19
Mark 10:35 – 11:1 (Rev. Mark Elsdon)
Does this offend you?” ~ 10.06.19
John 6:41-65 (Rev. Erica Liu)
A Personal Story by Macayla Church
Will you lay down your life for me?” ~ 10.13.19
John 13:31-38 (Rev. Mark Elsdon)
Here is the video link
Why are you afraid?” ~ 10.20.19
Mark 4:35-41 (Rev. Erica Liu)


A month long series covering hell, race, sex, money, power–the stuff that you’re not supposed to talk about in polite company.
Did Gandhi go to Hell? ~ 10.27.19
Luke 15:11-31 (Rev. Erica Liu)
Here is the “Landfill Harmonic”
video link
Death” ~ 11.03.19
Romans 8:38-39; Isaiah 65:17-25 (Rev. Mark Elsdon)
Here is the link from the sermon
Race: Repairers of the Breach” ~ 11.10.19
Isaiah 58:1-12 (Rev. Erica Liu)
Here is the recommended reading list from the sermon
Money” ~ 11.17.19
Matthew 19:16-26 (Rev. Mark Elsdon)
Sex: Good Bodies, God Bodies” ~ 11.24.19
Song of Songs 7:1-13 (Rev. Erica Liu)



Preparing for the birth of Jesus.
Hope ~ 12.01.19
Isaiah 40:27-31 (Rev. Mark Elsdon)
Peace” ~ 12.08.19
Isaiah 11:1-10 (Rev. Erica Liu)

“Faith Facing Fear” ~ 01.19.2020
Isaiah 43:1-3 A (Rev. Erica Liu)
“Walking in the Path of Jesus” ~ 01.26.2020
Isaiah 2:2-4; Luke 6:27-31 (Rev. Deanna Hollas)
“Forgotten Stories Reflecting On BWAP 2020” ~ 02.02.2020
Luke 10:25-37 (Students Silas S., Theresa S., Shaniya A., Evan D.)
Silas’s Story – 9:50
Theresa’s Story – 13:27
Shaniya’s Story – 17:03
Evan’s Story – 20:26

Book of Ruth
Where You Go, I Will Go~ 02.09.2020
Ruth 1:1-18 (Rev. Mark Elsdon)
Foreigner” ~ 02.16.2020
Ruth 2 (Rev. Erica Liu)
A Scandalous Kindness~ 02.23.2020
Ruth 3:1-11 (Rev. Mark Elsdon)


Older sermons can be found on the Sermon Archives page

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