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Why should you go on fall retreat????!

The Pres House Fall Retreat is one of the best weekends of fall semester. You don’t want to miss it! Register online today.

Check out these frequently asked questions and click here for more information. And be sure to watch this great little promo video!

When and where are we going?
We will leave Friday late afternoon/evening (there will be different cars leaving based on when people are done with class/work) and return on Sunday by noon. We’ll be staying at the Green Lake Conference Center ( again this year in dorm like lodging. It has great facilities and beautiful scenery.
Who is the Fall Retreat for?
Undergraduate and graduate students, alumni and post-grad folks, anyone who wants to come and have a great weekend away!
 What’s there to do at the center?
Hike in the hills, sit on the beach by the lake, play ultimate frisbee or other sports (golf, basketball, etc.), arts and crafts, shop for fair trade gifts, have a campfire, sleep, hang out with friends and make new ones – whatever you want to do that will refresh you!
What will we be doing?
We will have several scheduled program times (see topic below) over the weekend but nothing too heavy. The rest of the time we’ll play, rest, and have fun. This is a retreat, so all activities are voluntary; whatever you need to do to be refreshed is fine–sleeping, sitting, hiking, etc.
What if I don’t know anyone?
Then this is especially for you! You won’t be alone! Retreats are excellent opportunities to meet new people and get connected. Going away for the weekend really bonds you to others. And of course, you are welcome to invite a friend!
What’s the Retreat topic this year?
The topic this year is…
Explore Vocation
vo·ca·tion  [voh-key-shuhn]  noun
1.  a particular occupation, business, or profession; calling.
2.  a strong impulse or inclination to follow a particular activity or career.
3.  a divine call to God’s service or to the Christian life.
4.  a function or station in life to which one is called by God
Retreat activities will provide you with the opportunity to consider the question, “What do I feel called to do with my life?” Through individual reflections, small group conversation and communal worship we will endeavor to listen for the leadings of Spirit and develop our confidence and joy in responding.
Our speaker this year, Melanie Weidner, M.Div., is an artist, spiritual director, and workshop leader shaped by years of Quaker, contemplative, and mindfulness practice.  Her work celebrates beauty, presence, self-reflection, compassion, and joy.
The Badgers can’t win without me!
The football game is away that weekend, so no worries.
I have to check my Facebook page…
There is an internet cafe on the conference grounds with yummy treats too.
I have too much homework…
We will set up a quiet space for those who need to study. You’ll probably get more done coming to the retreat and have fun breaks, than if you stay in your room all weekend surfing the net and procrastinating.
What does the cost cover?
Lodging, meals, and program. The cost is only $70. SPECIAL DEAL: If you refer a friend you will receive a $10 discount for a total cost for the weekend of just $60. Your friend will also get the $60 rate. Just note who are you are referring (or who referred you) in the registration form.
What’s the food like?
The conference center has a new dining room which serves buffet-style meals with all you can eat ice cream–what more could you want?
I don’t have enough money…
Scholarships are available, so money shouldn’t stop anyone from coming. Just ask.
I just got to Madison, I don’t want to leave…
It’s only two nights and not that far away. You’re going to be in school all year long. This is an easy opportunity to get away and have a fun weekend.
How do I sign up? 
It is super easy: 1) Register online here and then 2) either drop off a check at Pres House or pay online on the registration page with your credit card (look for the PayPal button).
I still don’t know…
Any other questions?
Don’t miss out on this great weekend!
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