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Recent Alumni Survey Summary

Here is a brief overview of the Recent Alumni Survey. We have included the top three percentages in each area along with some quotes from each area.  Many thanks to the alumni that participated in the survey.

When did you graduate/leave UW-Madison?
25% graduated in 2013
18.75% graduated in 2010
18.75% graduated in 2008

What is one (or more) of your favorite memories of your time as a student at UW-Madison?
“Going to Devil’s Lake for the first time with other first year grad students.”
“Break With A Purpose, Fall Retreat.”
“All the time I spent at Pres House.”

What aspects of being a student at UW-Madison did you learn the most from?
The top three reasons given in average were:
56.25% – Involvement at Pres House
37.50% – Leadership Opportunities
18.75%  – Living on your own for the first time

How were you involved at Pres House?
100% -Worship
93.75% – Bible Study/Small Groups and Conversations with Pastor(s)
75% – Fall Retreat

What is one of your favorite memories of your time at Pres House?
The top three most common responses were in regards to:
Fall Retreat
Music Team
Service Activities

Looking back at your time at Pres House what activity(ies) were most meaningful to you?
Areas alum found to be very meaningful:
80% – Worship
60% – Bible Study/Small Group
46.67%- Fall Retreat

Looking back, what could Pres House have done to better equip you as a person of faith to and work in the world?
Assistance with connecting to off-campus churches around the country and Madison.
More opportunities for service work
Further study around the weekly sermon in small groups

Have you found a church community since leaving Pres House?
53.33% – On and Off
26.67% – Yes
20% – No

What kind of churches have you attended since leaving Pres House?
63.64% – Non-Denominational
54.55% – Presbyterian

How connected do you feel to Pres House today?
46.67% – Marginally Connected
46.67% – Somewhat Connected
6.67% – Very Connected

How do you best stay connected to Pres House
66.67% – Facebook
53.33% – Email
40% – Personal Contact

Do you currently donate to Pres House?
100% – No

Why or why not?
Money is tight.
Donating to the church they currently attend.
Donating a lot to others organizations
Grad student and money is tight, will be donating in the future

Is there something Pres House can/should do that would encourage you to donate?
No, will start donating when finances improve
Build relationship outside of asking for money
Alumni Weekend

What is your preferred way to donate to non-profits that you support?
91.67% – Online
8.33% -Mail

Are you still in touch with Pres House alumni?
66.67% -Yes
33.33% – No

Would you be interested in coming to Madison/Pres House for a reunion of alumni from the past decade?
86.67% – Yes
13.33% – No

What time of year would be good for a reunion?
60% – Homecoming (Fall)
50% – Summer
40% – Spring

“ I really appreciate all you guys did for me in college, it was a really tough time in my life.”

“All of my experiences at Pres House were extremely positive and together they helped me grow. I remember my involvement there very fondly as a result of many experiences.”

“One of my favorite memories is, playing in the band and having another network of friends with the same values.”

“When things were just beginning in 2005, it was like creating history.”

“The warmth and feeling of community and investment I felt from Mark and Erica.”






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