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Sunday Worship ~ 4:30 PM
Join us in the Chapel at Pres House GatherTown! In this virtual space, you can easily meet new people and connect with others, just like coming to in-person Worship. You can even check things out from the back row if you want! Worship includes music, scripture, sermon, prayer, and time to be with others. Click here for the Worship Bulletin.

GatherTown is a virtual gathering space where you can move a customized avatar around a 2D map. To come to Pres House GatherTown, open the link above on your computer in Google Chrome or Firefox. Once you’re there, just type in your name; when your avatar pops up, walk into the lobby and then over into the Chapel! Still not sure? Watch this short video on how it works.


Sign up for our texts to stay updated:  Text “preshouse” to (844) 947-0722

Below is a description of what our Sunday Worship was like pre-COVID; we look forward to the time when we will be able to gather indoors again!


Pres House Worship

Students and young professionals come to worship at Pres House, bringing a variety of religious background, race, ethnicity, gender identity, socio-economic background, political persuasion, or sexual orientation. Some are Presbyterian, many come from all different denominations, and others have little or no church experience. All are invited to participate fully in worship and community life at Pres House. Bring all of who you are and find yourself among friends.

What to Expect

At Pres House, we embrace change while staying rooted in tradition. Together we ask, what is important? Who was Jesus? How should we live? We meet each other in our questions, with an invitation to community and opportunities for growth.

Sunday worship includes music (a mixture of traditional hymns and contemporary praise music), scripture readings, a sermon, prayer, communion, time to get to know your neighbors, and other creative elements. Our communion table is open to all, regardless of your journey. We end each gathering with a meal together downstairs.

If you are driving to Pres House on Sundays you can park for free in the UW-Madison Grainger Hall parking ramp located under the Wisconsin School of Business building.

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