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Lenten Practice #2: Sabbath

In this era of COVID, time has taken on an ambiguous quality where days bleed together as we have lost some of the structures and rituals which usually mark our days more clearly. We can multitask many activities at the same time as much of our lives happens in the same physical location. The spiritual practice of Sabbath is one way to reclaim time and space in an intentional way. Here are two exercises to try:

Create Time & Space
Choose at least one heavily used device (cell phone, computer, television, etc.) and let them rest for a Sabbath period. Whether it’s a half or a whole day, surrender to a quality of time when you will not be disturbed, seduced, or responsive to it; notice how you respond to its absence.

Sabbath Walk
For 30 minutes walk slowly and silently—preferably in nature but it can be done indoors too—without trying to get anywhere. Amble, stroll, let your senses guide your walk. Do not hurry, follow your own timing and curiosity, stop to investigate, move on when you’re ready. Notice what happens to your body, mind, your sense of time.

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