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Sunday Worship

Worship at Pres House
You Belong!
Sundays, 4:30pm (8/25/19 ~ 5/3/20)

Life brings changes. At Pres House, Sunday worship to is shaped in our changes. We try new things. We craft a space for worship not simply by a tradition or a set way of “doing church,” but by the people who form our gathering. Together we ask, what is real? What is important? Who was Jesus? How should we live our lives? We are met in our questions with an invitation to engage ourselves and an opportunity to grow.

Sunday worship at Pres House includes music (a mixture of traditional hymns and contemporary praise music), scripture readings, a sermon, prayer, communion, eating together, and other creative elements.

Our Worship Space

We set up our space a little differently than you might expect; we sit in clusters around a table. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Worship is a communal time for us to be together; we are sitting around a common table, both literally and metaphorically, as families do
  • Worship of God requires something from each of us; we are not passive recipients at a lecture or show, we have come to worship God!
  • Worship involves our whole bodies and senses–we listen, see, smell, touch, and taste
  • Being a little uncomfortable is normal and it’s okay if you find it a bit awkward; the Holy Spirit often shows up in those moments and blesses us with grace (and remember, worship is not so much about our comfort zone as it is about focusing ourselves on God)
  • That being said, we welcome one another, friend and stranger alike; we practice gracious hospitality when we come together as a mark of following Christ–so we encourage you to greet those around you
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