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Listening to Sunday Sermons

Watch or listen to sermons from Pres House by clicking the links below. You can also subscribe to the Pres House sermon podcast on all major podcast platforms. If you have trouble with the links below, try downloading the file to your device before playing it.


“Reflections from Graduates” ~ 5.2.2021
Spencer Johnson (Audio Version)
Emily Johnson (Audio Version)
Silas Setterstrom (Audio Version)

“Faith in the Face of Death” ~ 4.25.2021
John 11:1-44 (Nii Addo Abrahams)
Audio Version

“Wholly, Holy Presence” ~ 4.18.2021
Luke 24:13-48 (Rev. Erica Liu)
Audio Version

“Remember Hagar” ~ 4.11.2021
Genesis 16:1-16 (Nii Addo Abrahams)
Audio Version

Christianity is more than just a tool of white supremacy. In this series, we explore what it means to decolonize our faith and encounter Jesus in a new, liberating way. Each sermon will also come with a recommendation for deeper learning.

“Decolonizing Christianity, Encountering Jesus” ~ 2.21.2021
Luke 4:16-21 (Rev. Erica Liu)
Audio Version
Book Recommendation ~ Native: Identity, Belonging, and Rediscovering God by Kaitlin Curtice

“The ‘Infallible’ Word of God” ~ 2.28.2021
John 1:1, 14 (Nii Addo Abrahams)
Audio Version
Book Recommendation ~ The Bible Tells Me So: Why Defending Scripture Has Made Us Unable to Read It by Pete Enns

“Damn Me to Hell” ~ 3.7.2021
John 7:53 – 8:11 (Rev. Erica Liu)
Audio Version
Podcast Recommendation ~ The Confessional Podcast with Nadia Bolz-Weber
* “Did Gandhi Go to Hell?” (Landfill Harmonic video) ~ Fall 2019

“I’d Be a Christian … If It Weren’t For the Christians” ~ 3.14.2021
Mark 10:17-27 (Nii Addo Abrahams)
Audio Version
Book Recommendation ~ Healing Spiritual Wounds: Reconnecting with a Loving God After Experiencing a Hurtful Church by Carol Howard Merritt

“What About Buddha, Gandhi, and that Wiccan Priest?” ~ 3.21.2021
Luke 10:25-37 (Rev. Erica Liu)
Audio Version
Book Recommendation ~ Holy Envy: Finding God in the Faith of Others by Barbara Brown Taylor

“Whitewashing Jesus” ~ 3.28.2021
Matthew 21:1-11 (Nii Addo Abrahams)
Audio Version
Reading Recommendations ~ “Letter from Birmingham Jail” by Martin Luther King Jr.; The Prophetic Imagination by Walter Brueggemann

“Saved” ~ 4.4.2021
Matthew 28:1-10 (Rev. Erica Liu)
Audio Version
Book Recommendation ~ Freeing Jesus: Rediscovering Jesus as Friend, Teacher, Savior, Lord, Way, and Presence by Diana Butler Bass


This four-week series in Acts is focused on different characters from the early church. These reflections are an invitation to consider the roles we might play today in building God’s kingdom. 

“Called to Build” ~ 1.24.2021
Audio Version
Acts 1:1-11 (Rev. Erica Liu)

“Stephen: Disruptor & Storyteller” ~ 1.31.2021
Audio Version
Acts 6:8-7:2a, 7:51-60 (Nii Addo Abrahams)

“Lydia: Experimenter & Caregiver” ~ 2.7.2021
Audio Version
Acts 16:11-15, 40 (Rev. Erica Liu)

“Priscilla & Aquila: Guides” ~ 2.14.2021
Audio Version
Acts 18:24-28 (Nii Addo Abrahams)


“Repentance and Lavish Love” ~ Baptism of the Lord (1.10.2021)
Audio Version
Mark 1:4-11 (Rev. Erica Liu)
A response to the Capitol riot

“If We Are the Body” ~ 1.17.2021
Audio Version
1 Corinthians 6:12-20 (Nii Addo Abrahams)


FALL 2020

Advent is about waiting, and 2020 has certainly been a year about waiting (and not waiting). In this series, we explore some of the stories surrounding the birth of Jesus and how those times of waiting might shed light on our own.

“Zechariah: Tired of Waiting” ~ 11.29.2020
Audio Version
Luke 1:5-25, 57-66 (Rev. Erica Liu)

“Mary: Waiting in Tension” ~ 12.06.2020
Audio Version
Luke 1:39-56 (Nii Addo Abrahams)

“Joy in the Waiting” ~ 12.13.2020
Audio Version
Luke 2:22-40 (Rev. Erica Liu)

“The Wait is Over” ~ 12.20.2020
Audio Version
John 1:1-14 (Nii Addo Abrahams)


“Get Up and Eat” ~ 11.22.2020
Audio Version
1 Kings 19:1-9 (Nii Addo Abrahams)

“Holy Friction” ~ 11.15.2020
Audio Version
Ephesians 2:11-22 (Rev. Erica Liu)

“Genuine Love” ~ 11.08.2020
Audio Version
Romans 12:9-21 (Nii Addo Abrahams)

“Blessed Are You” ~ All Saints’ Day (11.01.2020)
Audio Version
Matthew 5:1-12 (Rev. Erica Liu)


In this series, we explore stories from the book of Exodus to better understand how to navigate our current “wilderness.

“The Moment” ~ 09.27.2020
Audio Version
Exodus 2:23-25 (Nii Addo Abrahams)

“Send Someone Else” ~ 10.04.2020
Audio Version
Exodus 4:10-17 (Rev. Erica Liu)

“Resisting With Persistence” ~ 10.11.2020
Audio Version
Exodus 14:21-31 (Nii Addo Abrahams)

“Together in the Wild” ~ 10.18.2020
Audio Version
Exodus 18:13-27 (Rev. Erica Liu)

“Law and Story” ~ 10.25.2020
Audio Version
Exodus 23:1-9 (Nii Addo Abrahams)


In this series, we reflect upon prayers from the Bible to help us in these times.

“I believe, help my unbelief!” ~ 08.23.2020
Audio version
Mark 9:14-29 (Rev. Erica Liu)

“Praying in Green Pastures & Dark Valleys” ~ 08.30.2020
Audio version
Psalm 23 (Nii Addo Abrahams)

“The Lord’s Prayer: Five Movements” ~ 09.06.2020
Audio version
Matthew 6:7-15 (Rev. Erica Liu)

“Rooted and Grounded in Love” ~ 09.13.2020
Audio version
Ephesians 3:14-21 (Nii Addo Abrahams)

“When There Are No Words” ~ 09.20.2020
Audio version
Romans 8:26-27, 38-39 (Rev. Erica Liu)

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