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Pres House Tower Restoration Progress

The Tower and Chapel Building restoration is now complete! Thank you to our generous donors who made this project possible. View photos from the project below.

This is a before and after image of tuck pointing. Here is an image of half of this stone power washed, and the other half not: a “before and after” in the same photo! Take a look at the difference at this section before it was power washed vs. after. Also, take a look at the difference at this window before it was caulked vs. after.  

The tower restoration is complete! Please see these newest images of repaired stones set at the top of the tower. Other recent images show painting of various roof sections on the tower. Restoration began on June 2nd with the arrival of the lift and retrieval of stonework from the very top of the tower!

Check out this video clip from a drone of the important restoration work that will be taking place on the tower to ensure it remains strong and beautiful for future generations:

Weather and time takes its toll on buildings like Pres House. Here are images of some of the damage that needs repair.

Broken, missing pediments will be restored

Damaged pediments will be restored and remounted

Standing pediments will be reattached with stainless steel

Tower decks will be sealed for protection

Window perimeters will be caulked and sealed

Broken pediments will be replaced

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