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For Sunday Sermons from past semesters visit the Sermon Archive page. During the summer months (mid-May through mid-August), we do not record the sermons; instead, join us “live” in Lower Hall as our sermon time is usually more participatory.



“Weeping and Dancing” – 3.12.17
Ecclesiastes 3:1-4 (Rev. Erica Liu)

“Life and Death” -3.5.17
Ecclesiastes 3:1-3 (Rev. Erica Liu)


“Every Life Needs a Chance to Make a Difference” -2.26.17
John 6:1-3 (Rev. Mark Elsdon)
Please watch this video while listening to the sermon: Pay It Forward

“Every Life Has Its Limits” – 2.19.17
Matthew 6:25-34 (Rev. Mark Elsdon)

“Every Life Comes With a Gift” – 2.12.17
1 Corinthians 12:4-11 (Rev. Erica Liu)
Watch this video while listening to the sermon: Paul Potts

Special Taize’ Service
“What is Taize’?” – 1.29.17
Matthew 22:34-40 (Rev. Mark Elsdon,
Min. Jake McClanahan from His House,
and Sermon by Fr. Jonathan Melton from St. Francis House).


“Paul’s Joy” – 2.5.17
Philippians 4:4-9 (Rev. Erica Liu)

“Standing Up To Fear” – 01.22.17
Matthew 16:24-26 (Rev. Mark Elsdon)

“Letter From Birmingham Jail” – 01.15.17
Amos 5:21-24 (Rev. Erica Liu)
Watch this video during sermon.
Read MLK’s “Letter From Birmingham Jail” 

FALL 2016


“The Word” – 12.18.16
John 1:1-7; 32-34
(Rev. Erica Liu)

“Herod: A Struggle for the Throne” – 12.11.16
Matthew 2 ( Rev. Mark Elsdon)

“Messy Family Trees” – 12.04.16
Matthew 1 (Rev. Erica Liu)
Please watch this video while listening to the sermon: “The DNA Journey”
Open this PDF while listening to the sermon as well: Jesus – Genealogy



“Come” – 11.20.16
Isaiah 7:10-16 (Rev. Erica Liu)

“Homecoming Reflections” – 11.13.16
Hebrew 12:1-2 ( Walter and Karen Pridham, Alex Kuehn, Helen Chao)
Kira and Cody Hanson also came to join us from Colorado via this video.

“Holy” – 11.06.16
Revelation 4:1-11 (Rev. Erica Liu)


“Hope” – 10.30.16
Romans 8:22-27, 38-39 (Rev. Erica Liu)

“Solidarity” – 10.23.16
Matthew 1:18-25 (Rev. Mark Elsdon)

“True Love” – 10.16.16
1 Corinthians 13:4-13 (Rev. Mark Elsdon)

“Wine and Cheese” – 10.09.16
Matthew 5:38-48 (Rev. Erica Liu)
Please watch this video while listening to the sermon: Disarming a Robbery

“Our Generosity” – 10.02.16
Matthew 25:31-46 (Rev. Mark Elsdon)
Please watch video while listening to the sermon: Syrian Boy


“Rest Area Ahead” – 09.25.16
Matthew 14:13-21 (Rev. Erica Liu)

“Mutiny On The Trail” – 09.18.16 
Matthew 7:1-5 (Rev. Mark Elsdon)

“New Family” – 09.11.16
Mark 3:19-21, 31-35 (Rev. Erica Liu)

“What’s In Your Backpack?” – 09.04.16 
Luke 9:1-6 (Rev. Mark Elsdon)

“New Seating Charts” – 08.28.16
Luke 14:1, 7-14 (Rev. Erica Liu)

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