Resources for High School Students at Pres House

Resources for High School Students

Are you a high school student looking for information on how to continue your faith journey in college?

Are you a youth group leader, pastor, or youth volunteer looking for ways to help your students continue their faith journey when they leave your church for college?

Pres House is committed to serving high school students throughout Wisconsin and the region. We have many resources for high school students. A recent study done at UCLA found that over 70% of students come to college with an interest in matters of faith but less than 50% feel they have any viable opportunities to explore faith on campus. Another recent study found, “positive relationships between participation in religious organizations and social integration, emotional well-being . . . and spirituality.”

Pres House, and other campus ministries like ours, serve a critical need especially at large, state universities. We want to welcome students leaving high school and enrolling at University of Wisconsin – Madison to the campus ministry, campus church, and apartment community at Pres House. But even if high school students are not going to attend UW Madison we would like to help them think about how to continue their faith journey in college – wherever they end up.

Are you a new student coming to UW Madison?! We’d love to meet you. Fill out this short form and we will keep in touch. And be sure to like us on Facebook.

Do you know a student coming to UW Madison (or already enrolled)? We would like to tactfully welcome them to campus and to Pres House. Please share whatever contact information you have for them using this form. You can also download this poster to hang up in your church to encourage students and parents to check out Pres House when they come to Madison.

We have hosted youth groups visiting Madison in the past as well as welcoming students at a retreat for high school students. Our retreat is designed to give high school students a chance to see the UW campus and to learn about campus ministry and being a Christian in college. Participants get to take a tour of the UW Madison campus, meet and talk with current college students, and visit State St.

Do you want to learn more about what Pres House has to offer high school students? Do you have an idea of how Pres House can partner with your church or youth group? Drop us an email at: or call us at 608-257-1030. We look forward to hearing from you!