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Small Groups ~ You Belong

You belong at Pres House. Our weekly gatherings are a great way to make the huge campus smaller and make meaningful friendships with people who can support you and pray for you during the semester. You will also learn something new and have a chance to grow deeper in your faith. Give one a try!



Prayer3 ~ 5-5:30 PM
We believe that part of being a faithful follower of Jesus means we are called to pray for our community, nation, and world. We gather each week to pray in three ways in 10-minute segments: 1) becoming aware of what is going on in our world, 2) reflecting on scripture and asking God to guide us, 3) responding through various actions (i.e., calling legislators, writing letters to our neighbors).

Two+ ~ 6:00-7:00 PM (2x/month; dates TBA)
“Where two or more are gathered, I am there with them…” (Matthew 18:20)
At Pres House we practice connecting, knowing, and supporting one another to bear witness to Christ’s grace in our community. We do this through acts of encouragement and compassion, seeking to remind those in need that they are not alone. Join us to pray, write cards, deliver meals, and more as we engage in acts of love in service to the community.

Knitting Together ~ 7-8:30 PM
A chance to check in, craft, and converse. No experience necessary, we’ll teach you!

Micah 6-8


Music Team ~ 7:30-9:30 PM
Come share your musical gifts with others!


Freshman Connection ~ 7:00-8:30 PM
Connect with other freshmen to navigate your first year at UW-Madison. This group is where people often make lifelong friendships and find their family away from home (read Beatrice’s story here). Each week we gather to share what’s going on in our lives, ask the questions on our mind, and build connections which will support us throughout our time on campus.

Bake, Pray, Love ~ 6:30-8:30 PM (1x/month; dates TBA)
In a world that sometimes seems bitter, we like to sweeten it up a little! Once a month, we bake treats on a Wednesday evening and deliver them to our neighbors on State St. the next morning. If you have never touched an oven mitt in your life, don’t fret! We’ll teach you the basics. If you are an experienced baker, we’d love to have the extra guidance. You are welcome to come as you please. Whether you can make it to both the baking and deliveries, one or the other, or even just a half hour of the baking, we’d be happy to have you!


Graduate Student Coffee Tours ~ 8:30-9:30 AM
Each week graduate students gather for coffee and connection.

Wellness Group ~ 6:30-8:00 PM

Student life is stressful and filled with change. Coping with these challenges of the student experience is the aim of this weekly small group, in which we explore various aspects of health and wellness. Through a variety of activities and wellness strategies we’ll learn together how to achieve a more balanced and enjoyable lifestyle.


Practice of Play ~ 1x/month
Play is an important spiritual discipline that helps us cultivate creativity and joy as part of how we engage the world. Once a month we come together for a fun evening of play!


Interested in connecting with other LGBTQ+ people at Pres House? We gather regularly in a variety of settings, so contact Erik or Becca for more info on when we are meeting up!

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