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Welcome Events

“What I Wish I Knew as a Freshman” Ice Cream Social ~ Monday, September 2nd, 1:00 PM
Get insider tips from older students, meet new friends, and enjoy Babcock Hall ice cream. Check out a preview of some tips on our blog.

FRUNCH (Freshman & Transfer Student Welcome Lunch) ~ Tuesday, September 3rd, 3:00 PM
Immediately after the Chancellor’s Convocation, head down East Campus Mall for a free lunch at Pres House. Bring a friend!

“What I Wish I Knew as a Graduate Student” Dessert & Panel ~ Tuesday, September 10th, 7:00 PM
Welcome gathering for new graduate students to connect and learn about how to thrive in graduate school. Dessert served. Check out a preview of some tips on our blog.

Queerly Beloved ~ Thursday, September 19th, 5:00 PM
Welcome gathering for LGBTQ+ identifying people to meet and connect.

Learn & Serve

Students gathered at the what I wish I knew as a freshman event

Sunday Hospitality & Leadership
Every Sunday many people lend their time and talents to create the warm community at Pres House. Come lend a hand:
Sunday Hospitality
Music Team
Worship Leadership: Contact Pastor Erica

Grace Food Pantry ~ Saturdays, 9 AM – 12 PM (September 7th, October 5th, November 12th) 
Once a month we help out at Grace Food Pantry. It’s a great way to start your weekend and build meaningful relationships!

With so many opportunities at UW Madison, our community takes the chance to attend and reflect on campus lectures together to learn how science and academia affect and enhance our theological understanding.
September 11th: Race, Religion, and Revisionism
September 26th: Whitewashing the American Frontier with Anna-Lisa Cox
October 9th: Making Abolition Geography with Ruth Wilson Gilmore
November 6th: Building Paradise in a Tropical Swamp with Anna Andrzejewski
November 21st: Neuroscience and Public Policy Seminar

Responding to Hate ~ November 12th, 6:00 PM
We live in a time of increasing division and expression of hate. How do we respond? How do we “love our enemies”?
Talk and Workshop led by Pardeep Singh Kaleka and Arno Michaelis, founders of Serve 2 Unite and authors of The Gift of our Wounds. Pardeep’s father Satwant Singh Kaleka was murdered by a white supremacist along with five others when their place of worship in was attacked on August 5 2012 in Milwaukee. The shooter was a member of the neo-Nazi skinhead gang Arno had helped to found in 1989. Learn more about the speakers here.

Break With A Purpose (BWAP)
Each year the Pres House community takes time to travel and learn from other communities. In January 2019, we traveled to San Antonio, Texas to learn more about immigration in the United States. The location of BWAP 2020 will be announced this Fall and likely take place sometime during the week of January 4-11th, 2020.


Eco-Spirituality Retreat ~ September 28th, 10:30 AM – 4 PM
Replenish your spirit on a Wisconsin prairie. Open your senses to the greening of the self. Listen and tell stories of caring for the land and the connections of purpose. At Holy Wisdom Monastery, you can retreat for the day and have a visit with the meaning in your life as you explore the outdoors. Cost is $10 which includes program and lunch. Register here by September 23rd.

Fall Retreat ~ October 18-20th, 2019
Our annual getaway to Lake Waubesa, this is a fantastic weekend to get connected to the community and have meaningful spiritual conversations. This year we welcome Dr. Lakisha Lockhart who will help us explore the purpose of our lives through “Spiritual Play.” More details here.

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