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22Mar 21

Stop AAPI Hate

Pastor Erica shared these reflections on March 21, 2021, at the beginning of the sermon, "What About Buddha, Gandhi, and that Wiccan Priest?" which is part of the Lenten series, "Decolonizing Christianity, Encountering Jesus." You can listen to the full series here. This has been a hard week with the murder of Asian women in Atlanta by a white, Southern Baptist man, in a year when anti-Asian violence has exploded around the country. I have struggled with what to say because there are too many things that need to be said; Nii and I have joked that we were going to undo hundreds of years of colonization in fifteen minute sound bites over seven Sundays in Lent, which is as ridiculous as it sounds; we laugh, him a black man, me an Asian woman, living in this country where we know our bodies are under constant peril simply because of…

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08Mar 21

Lenten Practice #4: Canceling Debts

Each week during Lent, we will be sharing spiritual practices for your Lenten journey. The fourth practice, offered by Andrea Wegrzynowicz, is canceling debts. Andrea shared more about her passion for canceling medical debt during worship on March 7; you can read the full story here. To join the campaign, visit 

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28Feb 21

Lenten Practice #2: Sabbath

Each week during Lent, we will be sharing spiritual practices for your Lenten journey. The second practice is Sabbath. Read more from Erica below.

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28May 20

Pres House Ten – Race Playlist

Pres House Ten Race Playlist At Pres House, engaging in racial justice is a regular part of our life together because following Jesus compels us to recognize the deep roots of systemic racism that pervade the communities we live in. Incidents of racial violence periodically get flashes of attention on the news and in social media; we believe that a sustained commitment over the long haul is necessary to effect meaningful change. So we challenge you this summer by giving you this Pres House Ten Race Playlist which is a selection of ten sermons, blogs, and events about race from Pres House. There are many great resources available out there. We hope that hearing from people you know will encourage you to ask questions and continue the conversations in your specific communities. Don’t let the latest events of racial violence go by with only a post of outrage, a 2.23 mile…

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