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09Sep 13

Natalie in Kenya

Natalie Strait, one of the student members and leaders from Pres House is living and studying in Nairobi, Kenya this semester. While we miss her we are excited that she is learning new things and we have the opportunity to hear about her adventures through her blog. Today she wrote about missing being at worship at Pres House but about how she has found a new church family for the time being in Nairobi. Last week she described a crazy story about traveling in Kenya that you won't want to miss! Bookmark her blog and learn from her experiences vicariously. Pray for her adventures on mopeds when you are taking the 80 bus on campus. Think about where you might want to go someday or remember fondly the places that you've been. Let her stories inspire you. Note: Do you or someone you know have a blog that you'd like…

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29Jul 13

Parting thoughts from Student Intern Hannah Weinberg-Kinsey

What an amazing year it has been as the Pres House faith community’s Student Intern! I leave this position with a full heart—full of gratitude for the love this great community has bestowed on me during my service here. At the center of Pres House’s vision is a thriving and welcoming Christian community. With Pres House as the center of my internship, I felt like I had a chance to be a part of and live into that vision. This was truly an honor. This year has shown me that this vision of living and loving together is also my own. This internship has affirmed my calling to work toward a world of true relationships, founded on care, love, and plenty of fun; relationships that are strong and supportive through struggles, challenges, and doubts; and most importantly relationships constantly demanding the openness and inclusivity of others. From the moment I…

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