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18Aug 14

What Romans 16 has to do with Ferguson, MO – Listening to the Voices of the Stranger

This sermon is simply an arrow to the words of others; the narratives which have unfolded from Ferguson are largely divided along racial lines. Now is the time to listen to the voices which are often marginalized and dismissed. A list of the articles which I passed around on 8/17/14 is listed below; scroll down to the bottom to find them. I will continue to add more as I become aware of them. --E. Liu Romans 16:1-16 - Listening to the Voices of the Stranger (Preached at Pres House on Sunday, August 17th, 2014 by Rev. Erica Liu) I had been looking forward to preaching on this last chapter of Romans and I had a plan. We've spent the entire summer working our way through this dense and often esoteric treatise and I was looking forward to getting to the end of this letter because instead of theological arguments, we are surprised…

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12May 14

Eating Strategies for Exam Time!

Eating Strategies for Exam Time! If you are like most students, exam time eating often sends you into a de-energizing spiral. Your nutrition becomes a nightmare as you take in your quota of ‘junk’ food during midterms and finals. Getting control of your eating during these stressful times is possible.   Nutrition tips to keep you alert while studying Eat small, frequent meals to keep your blood sugar and energy levels steady. Now’s the time to have easy, convenient meal-type foods on hand. Avoid living entirely on snack foods as they usually won’t energize you as much as a real meal. This is the time for frozen entrees, bean soups, peanut butter and cold cut sandwiches, ready - to-eat tuna and chicken salads and other convenient foods. Avoid sweets and sugary foods.  If you crave sweets, consider a high protein nutrition bar instead of a candy bar. Choose one that has  15 grams of protein, such as Balance Bar®, Ironman PR® or any that says “40-30-30”*…

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04Mar 14

Tell it like it is – Ash Wednesday and Lent

We are entering the time of year when a lot of folks on campus are looking for jobs. Seniors are looking for work out in the real world as you approach the end of your years of college. And others of you are looking for summer jobs to help you save a little to pay the bills or get some experience on your resume. As you look for a job you will almost certainly have to go to at least one interview. Despite the fact that interviews have been proven to not be the most effective predictors of success in the workplace, almost every employer out there will conduct interviews of potential candidates. Resumes, applications, and interviews are stress-inducing prospects for most people. You have to put yourself out there and make the case for why you should be chosen among the hundreds or thousands of other people also looking…

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27Feb 14

Recent Alumni Survey Summary

Here is a brief overview of the Recent Alumni Survey. We have included the top three percentages in each area along with some quotes from each area.  Many thanks to the alumni that participated in the survey. When did you graduate/leave UW-Madison? 25% graduated in 2013 18.75% graduated in 2010 18.75% graduated in 2008 What is one (or more) of your favorite memories of your time as a student at UW-Madison? “Going to Devil’s Lake for the first time with other first year grad students.” “Break With A Purpose, Fall Retreat.” “All the time I spent at Pres House.” What aspects of being a student at UW-Madison did you learn the most from? The top three reasons given in average were: 56.25% - Involvement at Pres House 37.50% - Leadership Opportunities 18.75%  - Living on your own for the first time How were you involved at Pres House? 100% -Worship…

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19Jan 14

Hi recent alumni!

To all recent alum: Hello from Pres House! It is hard to believe, but almost 10 years have passed since Erica and I started as pastors at Pres House and the "modern era" of ministry began here. We are reaching out to alumni who were involved at Pres House in the past decade in order to stay connected with you. You were an instrumental part of rebuilding Pres House and helping the ministry get to where it is today. We are contacting you for two reasons: 1. We want to hear back from you. What have you been doing since leaving campus? What could Pres House have done to better prepare you for living, working, and following God after leaving campus? How would you like to stay connected to Pres House in the future? Please take a few minutes to fill out this short survey with your thoughts. 2. We want to…

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08Dec 13

Lessons from A Charlie Brown Christmas

Each year, per tradition, my family watches Charles Schulz’s A Charlie Brown Christmas. And even though the special originally aired almost 50 years ago, I am continually surprised by how salient and relevant its messages still are today. In case you haven’t seen the special, the story features a disheartened Charlie Brown who is trying to find the true meaning of Christmas. He is surrounded by selfish desires and rampant commercialism. In hopes of finding meaning, Charlie Brown becomes the director of the Christmas play. After having a rough time as director, he goes to get a Christmas tree for the play. Out of all of the metallic, shiny and strong Christmas trees, Charlie Brown picks one that is nothing more than a weak, young sapling. Inevitably, when Charlie presents the tree to the cast of the play, they all ridicule him. But Linus sees something different in the tree.…

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31Oct 13

One year after Sandy

One year ago this week Hurricane Sandy slammed into the East Coast of the United States. Sandy has been the second most costly hurricane in U.S. history and was the deadliest Atlantic hurricane of 2012. One year later, staff of the Episcopal Service Corp on Staten Island (including Erin Stumbras, UW-Madison and Pres House alum) share reflections below about where things are today. Pres House will be traveling to Staten Island and New York City this coming Spring Break to assist in relief efforts. Visit here for more information about our trip.  After Hurricane Sandy ripped through Staten Island, destroying about a quarter of the Island, there was an enormous outpouring of kindness and compassion from the community.  Thousands of people whose homes were spared the destruction of Sandy came to the aid of their neighbors who lost everything. Young and old showed up to help clean streets, homes, beaches…

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27Sep 13

How to put together a micro-community

Interested in living with a group of friends in the PH Apartments next year (2014-15)? Want to learn about something new or participate in some kind of project? Want to get a scholarship towards rent and fund for your program ideas? The Micro-Community Grant Program at PH Apartments gives you all these opportunities. Applications are due October 15. Not sure how to put one together? Current student and micro-community member, Cece Olin, describes the process below to help you out: The best way to connect with people for a micro-community is to find a group of like-minded people who connect intellectually.  It is key that these are people who you are willing to talk to openly and honestly with, so before you put a group together or join one, make sure everyone meets and is comfortable with each other. Then comes the hard part, deciding what to focus on.  It has…

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